Live from CampFI Rocky Mountain Week 2 | Episode 022

Join host Mark Trautman and co-host Kevin Sebesta for a special live recording from CampFI Rocky Mountain Week 2 in Colorado Springs.  Explore attendee questions on taxes, investing, retirement and financial independence with insights from Sean Mullaney, the FI Tax Guy, and Travis Hughes of Downshift Financial. If you would like your question answered on the show, please send an email to and put “podcast question” in the subject line. Episode Links: Mark’s Money Mind YouTube channel CampFI Kevin Continue Reading →

Fun Times at CampFI – Live with Mile High FI and Special Guests Mr Money Mustache, Travis Hughes and Mindy Jensen | Episode 021

In this engaging episode recorded live from CampFI Rocky Mountain Week 1, Mark alongside Doug Cunnington and Carl Jensen from the Mile High FI podcast, address audience questions on financial independence ranging from humorous to serious topics.  Featuring special guests Pete Adeney (Mr. Money Mustache), Travis Hughes (of Downshift Financial), and Mindy Jensen (BiggerPockets Money & Mindy on Money podcasts), the panel explores various subjects including financial case studies, Roth conversions, asset allocation, post-FI lifestyle, and real estate vs. index Continue Reading →

Community Wisdom with Gen Z Whiz Emma von Weise | Episode 020

In this episode recorded at CampFI Rocky Mountain, Mark speaks with Emma von Weise about her personal finance journey.  Emma recounts her early interest in money, starting work at age 14, and her strategic approach to college and career decisions. She shares how she was able to minimize college costs by leveraging community college credits and participating in ROTC.  They discuss Emma’s career path to becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She also provides insights on balancing savings with present-day Continue Reading →

Fun Buckets & Donor-Advised Funds | Episode 019

In this episode Mark introduces the concept of the ‘Fun Bucket’ as a tool to facilitate guilt-free spending to overcome the psychological challenges of shifting from a saver mindset after reaching Financial Independence.  Additionally, he discusses the utility of Donor-Advised Funds for charitable giving, explaining how they can maximize tax benefits and make charitable contributions easier and more fulfilling. He compares the features of donor-advised funds from Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and Vanguard, highlighting considerations for choosing the right fund.  If Continue Reading →

Mark’s Money Mind Monthly Mailbag | Episode 018

In this episode Mark addresses questions from listeners in a special ‘Monthly Mailbag’ show.  He explores Ryan’s suggestion of renaming the middle phase of financial freedom the ‘Mindful Middle.’ Mark also tackles listener questions regarding receiving a lump sum pension or annuity, helping parents with retirement planning, how to use a brokerage account and his favorite retirement planning podcasts. If you would like your question answered on the show, please send an email to and put “podcast question” in Continue Reading →