Financial Literacy Course

As I have referenced in previous blog posts, I teach a financial literacy course to the seniors at our local high school in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Whenever I travel to various Financial Independence events, or interviewed on financial podcasts, I get lots of questions about the program. In order to provide access to the material for anyone who wishes to view it, I have decided to post it here on my blog so that it may reach a broader audience.

I am a huge proponent of spreading financial literacy far and wide.

The content below encompasses the full six session program covering seven major topic areas. This program was recorded in 2020 during Covid when classes were being held virtually.

Just a quick disclaimer: This material is for educational purposes only and is not intended as specific investment, legal or tax advice.

Let the learning begin…

Lesson I – Keeping a Money Journal

Lesson I Handout

Lesson II – Net Worth Statement (Part 1) Assets

Lesson II (Part 1) Handout

Lesson II – Net Worth Statement (Part 2) Liabilities & Net Worth

Lesson II (Part 2) Handout
Lesson II (Part 2) Net Worth Solution

Lessons III & IV – Compounding, Credit Reports & Credit Scores

Lessons III & IV Handout
Lesson III Magic Penny Solution

Lesson V – Protecting Yourself from Risk of Financial Loss

Lesson V Handout

Lessons VI & VII – Income Taxes & The Index Card

Lessons VI & VII Handout