Finding Your Tribe | Episode 005

Mark's Money Mind
Mark's Money Mind
Finding Your Tribe | Episode 005

This episode explores the intertwining narratives of embracing community connections, building impact through financial independence events, and the significance of finding your tribe. 

Through personal experiences, dialogues, and insights, it underscores how community support, events like CampFI, FinTalks and the FI Freedom Retreat, and continuous learning shape individuals’ paths towards financial independence and personal growth.

Enjoy listening to an interview from the FinTalks cruise in January 2024 with Amberly Grant, Amy Minkley and Stephen Baughier as well as four bonus interviews with attendees from this gathering 65 like-minded FI community members.

All aboard!

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FI Freedom Retreat


  • 00:43 Finding Your Tribe: The Power of Community in Financial Independence
  • 04:15 The Ripple Effect of Community: From Financial Independence Events to Lifelong Friendships
  • 05:53 Navigating Life’s Challenges with the Support of the FI Community
  • 17:14 The Inaugural FinTalks Cruise: A New Adventure in Community Building
  • 20:10 Behind the Scenes: Organizing Unique FI Community Events
  • 25:18 Amy Minkley’s FI Freedom Retreats
  • 28:52 Stephen Baughier’s CampFI event
  • 31:58 Amy’s Journey: Inspiration and Community Support
  • 34:53 Amberly’s Approach: Collaboration Over Competition
  • 36:43 The Power of Community and Shared Experiences
  • 38:40 Exploring the FinTalks Cruise: A Unique Gathering
  • 40:12 The Origins of FinTalks: From Crisis to Community
  • 45:01 Gathering Wisdom: Financial Insights from the Community
  • 01:01:58 Final Thoughts: The Importance of Finding Your Tribe