Avoid These Financial Mistakes Before Retirement | Episode 012

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Avoid These Financial Mistakes Before Retirement | Episode 012

In this episode of Mark discusses a Wall Street Journal article titled ‘Retiring in the Next Five Years? Avoid These Financial Mistakes’, adding his insights on various financial strategies to avoid common pitfalls. 

Key topics include maximizing retirement contributions, analyzing Social Security options, avoiding unnecessary debt, adapting investment strategies with age, managing financial aid to children wisely, and planning for a desired retirement lifestyle. 

Additionally, Mark addresses a listener question about pension planning, offering guidance on when to take a pension, considering survivor benefits, and evaluating the option of a lump sum payout. 

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Episode Links:

Wall Street Journal article: Retiring in the Next 5 Years? Avoid These Financial Mistakes (April 12, 2024) by Cheryl Winokur Monk

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi

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Pralana Gold

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  • 00:50 Diving into Retirement Planning: Avoiding Financial Mistakes
  • 02:33 Maximizing Retirement Contributions: A Deep Dive
  • 05:59 Analyzing Social Security Options for a Secure Retirement
  • 12:31 The Pitfalls of Unnecessary Debt Before Retirement
  • 15:48 Investing Wisely as Retirement Approaches
  • 19:47 Navigating Financial Support for Adult Children
  • 23:23 Planning for a Fulfilling Retirement Lifestyle
  • 28:02 Listener Q&A: Navigating Pension Decisions


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