Exploring Financial Freedom at CampFI Mid-Atlantic | Episode 014

Mark's Money Mind
Mark's Money Mind
Exploring Financial Freedom at CampFI Mid-Atlantic | Episode 014

In this episode, recorded in front of a live audience at CampFI Mid-Atlantic in Virginia, Mark is joined by co-host Megan Combs of the Everyday FI podcast and guests Chris, Samantha, and Keith.

Chris shares his transformative sabbatical in New Zealand, while Samantha recalls her meaningful trip to Southeast Asia, both emphasizing the benefits of slow and mindful paths to Financial Independence. 

The show highlights the importance of community support, the joys and challenges of long-term travel, and the practicality of being a minimalist traveler. Keith also joins in to share his experiences of the nomad lifestyle post-FI. 

The panelists share enlightening discussions on the evolving perspectives within the FI community, practical tips for solo travel, managing finances, and the liberating essence of minimalist travel.

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  • 01:08 Introducing the Hosts and Special Guests
  • 03:24 Chris’s Life-Changing Sabbatical to New Zealand
  • 04:37 Navigating the Working Holiday Visa
  • 05:39 The Van Life Experience in New Zealand
  • 07:06 Financial Independence Journey and Inspirations
  • 17:05 Samantha’s Sabbatical and the Power of Community Support
  • 20:48 Advice for Solo Female Travelers
  • 22:03 Negotiating Sabbaticals with Employers
  • 27:19 Financial Planning for Sabbaticals
  • 28:57 Personal Growth from Sabbaticals
  • 30:05 Choosing a FI Lifestyle
  • 31:22 Understanding CoastFI and SlowFI
  • 33:18 The Importance of Community and Accountability
  • 34:20 Keith’s Nomadic Journey
  • 38:16 Managing Real Estate Remotely
  • 45:47 Traveling Light: Packing Tips
  • 56:26 Final Thoughts and Contact Information


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