Community Wisdom – A Conversation with Kristen Knapp | Episode 016

Mark's Money Mind
Mark's Money Mind
Community Wisdom - A Conversation with Kristen Knapp | Episode 016

In this episode, Mark sits down with Kristen Knapp at CampFI Mid Atlantic 2024 to discuss financial independence, in-person FI events, semi-retirement, and travel aspirations. 

They delve into Kristen’s TV meteorologist career, experiences at various FI events, benefits of the community, and her plans for transitioning to part-time work and potentially living abroad in Spain.

The episode highlights personal stories, practical advice on transitioning to a semi-retired life, and the importance of community support in achieving financial independence.

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  • 00:25 Catching Up with Kristen at CampFI
  • 02:34 Kristen’s Meteorology Journey
  • 06:04 Discovering Financial Independence
  • 11:11 Balancing Finances in Relationships
  • 16:54 Travel Adventures and Future Plans
  • 32:57 Researching Expat Life in Spain
  • 37:19 Downsizing, Packing and Moving Challenges
  • 42:21 The Power of Community and Events
  • 49:21 Hosting and Organizing Events
  • 53:22 Conclusion and Contact Information


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