Automate Your Way to Wealth | Episode 017

Mark's Money Mind
Mark's Money Mind
Automate Your Way to Wealth | Episode 017

In this episode Mark discusses a strategy for automating your finances. Using his personal experience, he explains how setting up systems for automatic deposits, payments, and savings can help achieve financial goals and provide for a stress-free financial future. 

He delves into the specifics of using a core cash management account and provides a step-by-step automatic cash flow process for both working individuals and retirees. Mark emphasizes the importance of monitoring financial transactions and maintaining a buffer. 

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Cash Flow Automation Flowchart – Working

Cash Flow Automation Flowchart – Retired

Fidelity Cash Management Account vs. Schwab Investor Checking


  • 00:27 Automating Your Finances: A Deep Dive
  • 01:50 Choosing the Right Cash Management Account
  • 02:38 Schwab vs. Fidelity: A Comparison
  • 06:39 Setting Up Your Paycheck and Savings
  • 13:58 Automating Bill Payments and Credit Cards
  • 18:19 Managing Finances in Retirement
  • 22:33 Tax Withholding Strategies
  • 23:46 Roth Conversions and Tax Planning
  • 26:09 Managing Estimated Taxes and Bill Payments
  • 35:48 Automating Cashflow in Retirement
  • 38:25 Final Thoughts and Recommendations