Fun Buckets & Donor-Advised Funds | Episode 019

Mark's Money Mind
Mark's Money Mind
Fun Buckets & Donor-Advised Funds | Episode 019

In this episode Mark introduces the concept of the ‘Fun Bucket’ as a tool to facilitate guilt-free spending to overcome the psychological challenges of shifting from a saver mindset after reaching Financial Independence. 

Additionally, he discusses the utility of Donor-Advised Funds for charitable giving, explaining how they can maximize tax benefits and make charitable contributions easier and more fulfilling. He compares the features of donor-advised funds from Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and Vanguard, highlighting considerations for choosing the right fund. 

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  • 00:27 Overcoming Frugality After Financial Independence
  • 01:40 The Concept of the Fun Bucket
  • 05:41 Implementing the Fun Bucket
  • 08:11 Experiences and Benefits of the Fun Bucket
  • 16:50 Introduction to Donor Advised Funds
  • 20:11 Setting Up a Donor Advised Fund
  • 26:14 Tax Benefits and Strategies for Donor Advised Funds
  • 39:06 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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