Community Wisdom with Gen Z Whiz Emma von Weise | Episode 020

Mark's Money Mind
Mark's Money Mind
Community Wisdom with Gen Z Whiz Emma von Weise | Episode 020

In this episode recorded at CampFI Rocky Mountain, Mark speaks with Emma von Weise about her personal finance journey. 

Emma recounts her early interest in money, starting work at age 14, and her strategic approach to college and career decisions. She shares how she was able to minimize college costs by leveraging community college credits and participating in ROTC. 

They discuss Emma’s career path to becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She also provides insights on balancing savings with present-day expenses, including housing, transportation, food, and efficient spending habits. 

The episode wraps up with Emma’s recommendations for younger individuals seeking to improve their financial literacy and her involvement in a nonprofit financial mentorship program.

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  • 00:27 Meeting Emma at Her First CampFI
  • 02:21 Emma’s Early Financial Independence Journey
  • 08:44 College Hacks and Financial Strategies
  • 15:28 Navigating College and Career Decisions
  • 26:07 Exploring Financial Planning as a Career
  • 29:41 CFP Certification Requirements
  • 30:45 Housing and Roommates
  • 32:15 Transportation Choices
  • 34:09 Managing Food Expenses
  • 35:27 Tracking and Managing Finances
  • 39:11 Saving Strategies and Retirement Accounts
  • 45:39 Balancing Saving and Spending
  • 48:40 Engaging with Personal Finance Content
  • 54:32 Non-Profit Financial Mentorship Program